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7 days free insurance - Assumptions

In order to provide cover quickly and conveniently we have had to make a number of assumptions. These will need to be to the best of your knowledge and belief.

The craft:

  • Is professionally built
  • Does not exceed 55 knots in speed
  • Is not older than 20 years of age
  • Is used for Private and Pleasure use only and not for racing purposes
  • Has a cruising range of United Kingdom inland and coastal waters
  • Has a maximum capacity of 12 guests, excluding skipper and crew
  • Is not one of the following Types / Makes: Stand up Jet ski, Cigarette, Ring, Phantom, Wellcraft Cougars, Zapcat, Mannerfeldt, Marauder, Honda Formula 4 stroke, Any racing powerboats, Open 6.5, Open 30, Open 40, Open 50, Open 60, Pogos, Cocos, Volvo 70, Whitbread 60, Ultra 30, Mount Gay 30, Classe 40, Figaros, Farr 40
  • Jet ski is kept in a locked building
  • Jet ski is operated by a person aged 21 and over

The proposer:

  • Has no medical disabilities
  • Has had no accidents or losses in the last 3 years
  • Has not been refused or declined insurance, or had increased premiums or special terms imposed
  • Is a resident of the United Kingdom
  • Has not been convicted of any offence other than driving offences

If you do meet the above criteria please continue to claim your 7 days free insurance.

Claim your 7 days free insurance