Motor cruiser insurance

  • Assumptions

Assumptions about you and your Motor cruiser

These are the assumptions we have made to make the quoting process easier for you to perform. You don’t have to confirm your acceptance to them now, you’ll be asked to do this when you have received your quotation, but we wanted to point them out to you now.


  • Are resident(s) (or where a Limited company the directors are resident in and the company has a
    registered address) in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or IOM and have been for more than 1 year
  • Have not had more than 2 accidents or losses in the past 5 years in connection with any craft you have
    used or owned, and the total amount claimed or lost did not exceeded £1,000,
  • Have not been convicted of any offence other than minor motoring offences (speeding or parking offences)
  • Have not been refused or declined insurance, or had increased premiums or special terms imposed
  • And your craft are permanently located within the United Kingdom

Your Motor cruiser:

  • Is less than 23ft (7.08m) long
  • Is constructed of GRP (Fibreglass), Carbon Fibre, Wood or Composite material
  • If fitted with an outboard motor, the Motor is less than 50HP
  • If fitted with an outboard motor, the outboard motor will be secured to the craft by a proprietary anti-theft
    device in addition to the normal method of attachment
  • If left on a trailer, the trailer will be fitted with a wheel clamp when left unattended
  • Does not exceed £50,000 in value
  • Does not have a maximum design speed of more than 17 Knots (20 MPH)
  • Is used for private & pleasure purposes only
  • If under 18ft (5.5m) is kept ashore when not in use
  • If over 18ft (5.5m) is kept ashore when not in use or berthed in a recognised marina at any time, or
    temporarily on a professional laid mooring at an anchorage recognised within a nautical chart or almanac,
    but only during the period 1st April and 30th September for a period not exceeding 28 days
  • Is less than 40 years old
  • Is used only in inland and coastal waters of the united kingdom (not more than 12 miles offshore) and
    inland and coastal waters of Europe (not more than 5 miles offshore and for a period not exceeding 30
  • If has an inboard engine, a fire extinguisher is available in the engine compartment
  • If has gas appliances, they are self contained in a draining locker which drains overboard; that the delivery
    tubing conforms to British Standards; gas bottles are securely fixed

If you think you may not meet the above criteria please call us on 0800 515 629 or email We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

If you do meet the above criteria please continue to get a quote.

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