Ownerships Ltd

3 June 2010

When the team at Towergate Mardon heard that one of their largest craft fleet schemes, Ownerships Ltd was in financial difficulty; they acted with speed and efficiency to ensure this substantial tranche of business was not lost.

Ownerships Ltd, essentially a timeshare scheme for narrow boats, insured 105 boats with Towergate Mardon under a designated scheme.

When Mardon's were informed that all was not well, the team in Shrewsbury launched into action over the bank holiday weekend, and attempted to make immediate contact with the various syndicates via the Ownerships Ltd customer forum - the only way of getting in touch with these individual customers.

They committed to members that they would maintain cover and encouraged the syndicates to call in to arrange cover on an individual basis. The response was fantastic, with 104 of the 105 craft moving onto cover in their own right within a few days, with all documents issued and payments received.

Nigel Mills, Managing Director of Towergate Mardon praised the work of his team and stated 'They worked tirelessly to ensure we did not lose this business and acted professionally, provided customers with reassurance at a time that was extremely stressful for them. It is an excellent success story for our business, and we have received numerous notes of thanks from the relieved policyholders.'

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